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Individual Therapy

Many people already have happy, balanced lives, but have specific issues that they wish to resolve to help them feel more successful.

Individual therapy is used for various emotional difficulties, life transitions, and traumatic events. You do not need to have a psychological diagnosis to benefit from therapy. Many people start therapy when there are life stressors or transition periods occurring and they stay in treatment long enough to get through these periods.  Others with more far reaching challenges or difficulties may choose to stay in treatment for longer periods or try more progressive treatment like Rapid Resolution Therapy .


There are many types of treatments that people find helpful.  Individual therapy involves meeting in a one on one setting. Group therapy is also beneficial in getting feedback from peers that are experiencing similar difficulties.


Your path to living on purpose:

I believe you can learn to live intentionally, that you do have choices and the time is now to Live on Purpose ~ Live with Choice!


It’s not easy to constantly feel sad, defeated, anxious, or worried.  The truth is we don’t know what do to change this.  Talking about it doesn't necessarily make it feel any better. To make it simple, thoughts impact moods and behaviors. Once we see what is happening, we can get assistance with judging those thoughts, check them out (are they useful?), and CHOOSE to be done with them if they are not useful.  This choice puts you in control and allows you to live with INTENTION.


In the reverse, we can CHOOSE to do things that elevate our moods and cause us to evaluate the negative things we say to ourselves.  We know how to hurt ourselves more swiftly than others have the ability to do.  We can also choose to stop the old programming. We developed beliefs about our value and worth over a lifetime that are faulty, and based on moralistic thinking whether from family dysfunction, shame or guilt.  This can stop!

Take control – Live with intention!

The ability to make changes can free people from addiction (you no longer need to use alcohol or drugs to mask those thoughts and feelings) or other challenging behaviors, you will be more in control of depression and low mood, you will worry less and be less anxious in certain things.  There are many treatment options when you are ready!  The choice is yours …. How will you live?   Live with intention today!

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