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My Philosophy:

I believe all people are trying to find balance and meaning in their lives.  Sometimes, we want to stop thinking or feeling or remembering painful things.  At other times we just find it hard to figure out the next step in our journey.  Regardless of what the issues or difficulties are we may be facing, we are all trying to succeed with this human journey.  I try to get things done to see people embrace their strengths and abilities.  We start the process with the tools we do have and find new ways to evaluate thoughts, new ways to say what we really mean, and how to learn (sometimes for the first time) what it is they truly feel so they can express what that is.


After finding and training in Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), I am confident that we can REALLY get things done and really cause a shift or change because it is faster and painless.

My question for you is If we can shift, change or improve the way you think, act, react or interact, WHAT would you like to get done? Better yet, with RRT, it is my responsibility to get things done, there is nothing for you to do!



(See the RRT tab for details)

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