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Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT)

What it is:

Rapid Resolution Therapy®  (RRT) was developed by Dr. Jon Connelly over his 30 years of treating clients with trauma. I have trained intensively with Dr. Connelly and continue to do so as I pursue my certification as a RRT Specialist. Beyond the certification, I will take advantage of as much training with Dr. Connelly (who has been referred to as the "White-Haired Wizard" and I am inclined to agree) as I possibly can. 


RRT uses multi-level communication to resolve the negative effects from painful life experiences. Traumatic events are stored or coded in our subconscious mind. This part of mind generates, emotions, thoughts and sensations and drives, automatic behaviors and habits to do one thing:  take an action that will get us to survive. Even when we have the awareness that certain habits or behaviors are not to our benefit, unless the unconscious mind gets the message we are safe and there is nothing to be done, long term change is not likely. Whether these experiences are remembered, repressed or forgotten, RRT changes the way mind processes the experience, releasing the negative associations of difficult past events.

RRT is designed to clear painful emotional responses without requiring the client relive their past traumatic or difficult experiences. There is no "feel it to heal it!!" Pain is not a requirement for healing. RRT reduces treatment time because processes are done that resonate with both the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind. Because of this, people often find relief after the first 1 - 3 sessions and long term talk therapy is unnecessary. RRT uses guided imagery, stories, metaphors and is often described as light, uplifting and transformative.



.... under construction, more to come but in the meantime contact me for rates and scheduling. 

Dr. Jon Connelly

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